"Dude Where's my Chutzpah?" is a comedic web series which follows Jessie on her adventure to discover what it means to be Jewish. After learning that her recently deceased Bubbie left her a large sum of money, Jessie, a quirky yet jaded stand-up comedian, discovers that in order to get the cash she must "Live JEWISH for a year." From the underground Israeli club scene, to the front of the picket line, to the depths of the Kabbalah, Jessie soon discovers the plethora of ways to experience Judaism. In addition to her hilarious adventures, she also taps into the spiritual realm and learns how her soul can flourish within the tangible world. Watch as Judaism shows Jessie that the journey is the destination, and that every answer is just a question in disguise...

"Dude Where's my Chutzpah?" is currently in pre-production and gearing up to shoot this summer in both Los Angeles and Israel. We've been honored with a Six Points Fellowship and are currently fundraising in order to make the most awesomely epic web series of all time. Please contribute what you can and watch your Karma points go through the roof. Every Shekel counts...

The Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists is a program of the FJC, originally founded in partnership with Avoda Arts, and JDub, with significant funding from The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and the Righteous Persons Foundation.

Photo by Carrie Boretz



Six Points LA (not the one that folded) Fellow Jessie Kahnweiler’s Web series “Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah” has the following premise: Jessie’s Bubbie passed away and left her a surprise legacy that she can claim if she lives Jewish for a year. This plays out over the course of 11 episodes and follows Jessie from meetings with Rabbis, other Jews, an interfaith relationship, the Holocaust and Israel. Jessie was formally brought up Reform, is possessed of a Sephardic heritage and is effectively secular and unaffiliated. Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 9.26.44 AMIn other words, she represents the most desired demographic that gets the organized Jewish community in a tizzy. Turning these people on to Judaism and Jewish affiliation is the holy grail that will save the grand Jewish edifices from being overwhelmed by Orthodox Jews and keep the institutions of Jewish life under the control of “our crowd” type folks. Jewish, but not too Jewish. Jessie just wanted to make a Jewy Web series that was ostensibly Jewish but she seems to have unwittingly wandered into a veritable minefield.I talked to Jessie about this and other stuff, and, as always, she was a hoot. I’ve met Jessie at Shabbat tables and at the Jewlicious Festival and I expected no less:


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