"Dude Where's my Chutzpah?" is a comedic web series which follows Jessie on her adventure to discover what it means to be Jewish. After learning that her recently deceased Bubbie left her a large sum of money, Jessie, a quirky yet jaded stand-up comedian, discovers that in order to get the cash she must "Live JEWISH for a year." From the underground Israeli club scene, to the front of the picket line, to the depths of the Kabbalah, Jessie soon discovers the plethora of ways to experience Judaism. In addition to her hilarious adventures, she also taps into the spiritual realm and learns how her soul can flourish within the tangible world. Watch as Judaism shows Jessie that the journey is the destination, and that every answer is just a question in disguise...

"Dude Where's my Chutzpah?" is currently in pre-production and gearing up to shoot this summer in both Los Angeles and Israel. We've been honored with a Six Points Fellowship and are currently fundraising in order to make the most awesomely epic web series of all time. Please contribute what you can and watch your Karma points go through the roof. Every Shekel counts...

The Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists is a program of the FJC, originally founded in partnership with Avoda Arts, and JDub, with significant funding from The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and the Righteous Persons Foundation.

Photo by Carrie Boretz

Kick Ass Jew of the Month – Say WHAT?!


If my Bubbee could see me now! Thanks to the folks at JEWS KICK ASS!!! for the awesome questions.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.42.21 AMJessie Beth Kahnweiler: Holy chutzpah means acknowledging the inner spark inside of you buried bellow your ego and letting that lead you through this life.It’s usually the harder, less popular path but it always makes for the best view.

JKA: Which comedians have inspired you?Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: Woody Allen, Larry David, Molly Picon, and above all I love Lucy:)


and Hitchcock is hilarious…for real! so subtle..so confident in what HE finds funny. I really admire that


JKA: Do you feel that women have got a bum wrap in comedy


Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: I don’t even hear that kind of stuff. I just keep talking and only listen when it’s productive dialogue and I mean if you’re laughing at anything on TV movies web a woman had something to do with it.


JKA: It’s your job to be funny. What makes you laugh?


Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: Old baby pictures of myself. what an awkward kid!! every frame of Curb Your Enthusiasm when I hear people having sex next store (bc I’m 12), MY MOM!!!


JKA: Speaking of moms…..Jews feel guilt. Do you think it’s nature or nurcher?


Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: Little bit of both. I think a certain amount of guilt can be healthy it helps me focus on what I want out of life and help keeps me honest or maybe I just drank the Kool Aid…Jew Aid!!!


JKA: That’s funny! Jew Aid. You might want to trademark that. What makes Jews so funny?


Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: We’re open and honest and when it comes down to it life is so damn funny u don’t need a punch line… Life is the punch line


JKA: Do you have any secret talents you we should know about?


Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: I’m amazing at eating all the ice cream before it gets in the bowl.


And I can kill plants like nobody’s business. And I love free style rapping


My rap name is Star of David!


JKA: If you were a superhero what would a. your name be? b. what would your powers be? c. how did you get your powers?


Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: I turn into kosher girl in episode 5! so that would def be my name. I would replace every drop of hate with a hug, make sure no one was hungry or lonely or without the latest Radiohead album and I’d make veggies taste like funnel cake.


JKA: So would veggies be your weakness?


Jessie Beth Kahnweiler: No I love veggies! My weakness is drummers.


JKA: Not the one from Def Leppard I hope.



Read full article HERE

JEWCY: Spotlight On: Jessie Kahnweiler, ‘Dude Where’s My Chutzpah’ Filmmaker


Jessie Kahnweiler is a 28-year-old filmmaker from Atlanta best-known for her new web series, Dude Where’s my Chutzpah. The series follows Kahnweiler on her quest to find meaning in Judaism after her grandmother dies, leaving her a large sum of money with one caveat: she’ll only receive the money if she can reconnect with her Jewish soul.Kahnweiler is candid and hilarious, and has a way of saying the things you want to say but don’t have enough ‘chutzpah’ to actually say. She was awarded a Six Points Fellowship in 2012, a grant that supports Jewish artistic endeavors, and has a YouTube channel filled with shorts and trailers. She’s at work on a new series, White Noise, in which she infiltrates different cultural communities and breaks down stereotypes.With an unapologetically honest and fresh voice, Kahnweiler is definitely on our radar, and should be on yours, too.

Did you always want to tell stories?

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 2.36.55 PMI played dress up until I was like … I don’t know, yesterday. I’ve always been interested in the art of storytelling and using my experiences to tell stories and process my own life and relationships. Since I was a kid I’ve created imaginary worlds in my head and talked to myself. In college we didn’t have a film department but I went to a hippy dippy school where you could design your own major. I took a film class and then just started making documentaries. I drove around the country with truck drivers for my thesis film, because I wanted to learn about truck drivers—I didn’t tell my mom about it until afterwards. It all just all feels like a natural progression.

What was going on before you got the Six Points Fellowship?

That’s the cool thing about this project, it really just found me. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. After college I moved to LA and started working on bigger Hollywood movie sets like Couples Retreat and Green Hornet, and I would make shorts on the side.Then I was working for Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams’ production company, and one of my mentors told me to apply to the Six Points Fellowship. I was like, ‘Whatever, I’m not Jewy, I’m the last person to ever be able to make a Jewish film. What am I gonna write about, Rivka and having 20 kids?’ But then I just applied and wound up getting the grant. I left the production company and threw myself into this project for the past year and a half.

Did your grandmother really pass away and leave you a sum of money or was that fictional?

My grandmother actually ended up passing away during the making of the series, so it’s very weird how art imitated life. But, no, it was just inspired by real life. I was raised super reform and I dated more non-Jewish guys then I care to comment on. I look at the grant as a metaphor for how it really was. Like I got the grant and was like ok I’m going to make a film about being Jewish. That kind of parallels the actual film, you know what I mean?

Completely. What’s the Jewish culture like down in Atlanta?

Jesus! I don’t even know—lobster waffles? There’s definitely a Jewish community there but it’s not big. I was really good at playing soccer so I played with all the goys. I had a bat mitzvah and did what I was supposed to do but it always felt like an inconvenience—like, ‘Oh, I have to go to temple.’ I equated it with going to the dentist: I’m going to go, but I’m not going to like it.I read that you pictured God as a man, and I feel like a lot of people visualize this big man in the sky running the show.

Has going to Israel and getting more in touch with your roots changed your view on spirituality?

Wow, how much time do you have? No, I think you’re absolutely speaking to the point. I do look at God as a man because God, spirituality, and everything I learned was always an instruction, to believe ‘This is what you should eat, or this is what God is.’ I think we’re given the answers a lot growing up, and it’s so unfortunate, because when you look at the history of Judaism it reveals the complete opposite. Judaism is all about questioning and playing in the gray and being comfortable in the gray.


Doing the project and being in Israel has made religion and spirituality much more of a conversation for me. It’s opened me up in so many ways—last night I went to a Buddhist meditation meeting. In the past I would make fun of myself for doing something like that but now I am much more open.

You’ve been compared to Lena Dunham, another funny Jewish girl. Do you welcome that comparison?

If you’re young and you’re a woman, people need someone to compare you to in order to understand you—so I totally see the comparison and translation of it. I think she has huge balls as a woman and really puts herself out there and has crafted this way to be an auteur and the captain of her own ship. I really admire that and obviously I like to work like that too. We’re different, but I welcome it. Honestly, I think I’m more similar to Penelope Cruz.

Love me some JEWCY read full article HERE

No Bacon!!!!


Jessie Kahnweiler’s, a filmmaker who wrote and directed the comedic web series ‘Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah‘ has an artist statement on her website that includes the addendum, “Jessie can’t afford therapy so she makes films.” Although her web series is premised around her searching for her own meaning of Judaism, or more aptly her own ‘innate chutzpah’, Jessie seems to already be more ‘Jewish’ than she thinks.  With her quick wit and knack for sarcasm, it’s no surprise that Kahn was selected in 2011 for the 6 Points Artist Fellowship, a two year grant which “selects projects that reflect or embody a thoughtful engagement with Jewish history, values, and issues that resonate with a broad range of audiences.”Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.28.51 AM

After her recently deceased Bubbie left Jessie a large sum of money in her will, Kahn discovers there’s one caveat. In order to receive the cash she must learn how to ‘Live Jewish’ for an entire year. Jessie had a Bat Mitzvah and has been on Birthright, but never felt a pull towards her own Jewish heritage.

The latest episode, #7, “ Israel Kesher” opens with Kahnweiler complaining that “God is too emotionally unavailable” for her. Her grandmother’s Rabbi, who serves as Jessie’s spiritual guide, also acts as Jessie’s whipping post.  Jessie compares Rabbi Goldberg to “Ghandi’s twitter feed,” as the Rabbi tells her “To be furious with God should be just as important as loving God.” In this episode, Jessie travels to Israel where she searches for the Kotel and ends up in a danger-zone instead.

Watching Jessica on her journey to “find Hashem” is a hilarious and quirky take on soul searching.

Read full article HERE 




Six Points LA (not the one that folded) Fellow Jessie Kahnweiler’s Web series “Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah” has the following premise: Jessie’s Bubbie passed away and left her a surprise legacy that she can claim if she lives Jewish for a year. This plays out over the course of 11 episodes and follows Jessie from meetings with Rabbis, other Jews, an interfaith relationship, the Holocaust and Israel. Jessie was formally brought up Reform, is possessed of a Sephardic heritage and is effectively secular and unaffiliated. Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 9.26.44 AMIn other words, she represents the most desired demographic that gets the organized Jewish community in a tizzy. Turning these people on to Judaism and Jewish affiliation is the holy grail that will save the grand Jewish edifices from being overwhelmed by Orthodox Jews and keep the institutions of Jewish life under the control of “our crowd” type folks. Jewish, but not too Jewish. Jessie just wanted to make a Jewy Web series that was ostensibly Jewish but she seems to have unwittingly wandered into a veritable minefield.I talked to Jessie about this and other stuff, and, as always, she was a hoot. I’ve met Jessie at Shabbat tables and at the Jewlicious Festival and I expected no less:


 Read full article HERE


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 7.59.34 AMCheck out FULL ARTICLE HERE





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My God Plays Hard to Get

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 7.59.34 AM

The Jewish Week New York

Ever Wonder what I look like before I brush my teeth/jewfro?  Check out this awesome interview with The Jewish Week New York. You ask all the right questions…

YouTube Preview Image



The Jewish Version of “Girls” Exists

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.43.55 PMDude, where’s my chutzpah?” has been compared to the HBO series Girls by Jewcy.  The web series, created by Jessie Kahnweiler, follows the story of Jessie who must live a Jewish life for one year in order to receive her inheritance from her recently deceased Bubbe.  In the second episode, you learn that Jessie’s idea of living a Jewish life includes haggling at a sample sale, shopping at Bloomingdales, going on a date with a Jewish doctor, eating Chinese food, and dancing the Macarena.

Take note, this series is not for the easily offended Jew (at least not at he beginning).  Jessie plays off all the typical Jewish stereotypes and jokes on her path to Jewish discovery.

Beneath the crude humor and Jew jokes, there is a level of seriousness to the series.  On the series’ website, Jessie posts podcasts of interviews she’s done with members of the Jewish community, including rabbis, concerning their own Jewish journeys.  According to a Huffington Post article about the series, we can expect some interesting moments on the show.

Only three episodes have been posted so far, though according to Jessie’s blog the next episode – “Going Ortho”- will be up in the next 24 hours.

Is it because I’m chubby?

Check out what Jewcy has to say….

Why You Should Probably Be Watching ‘Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah’

Jessie Kahnweiler’s new web series is kind of like ‘Girls’—only way more Jewish.

Move over Jenny Slate, there’s a new web series in town. ‘Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah,’ which premiered this week, features Jessie Kahnweiler on an untraditional quest to find out what it means to live Jewishly (beyond, you know, saying L’Chaim and eating pastrami).

Her job prospects are slim (one regular gig involves dressing like a pickle with an ‘Eat me, I’m kosher’ t-shirt’), her boyfriend is a total dick, and she wore a shiny one-shoulder dress to her grandmother’s funeral (where she eulogizes that her grandmother would be thrilled that she finally was in the same room as so many single Jewish guys). Girl’s a mess. But the news that her late grandmother left her a significant sum of money—with the stipulation that she spend a year living a Jewish life—starts her on an unconventional, and surprisingly entertaining, journey.

The project is Kahnweiler’s brainchild, and her Six Points Fellowship project. The 28-year-old filmmaker has been living in Los Angeles for the last seven years, working in post-production, including a stint at J.J. Abram’s Bad Robot Productions, and writing and filming her own projects on the side (like the web short Baby Love, which features Anchorman’s David Koechner as the older guy who dumps her for being too young, and stars a random baby as the guy she dates next).

She’s like a more Jewish Lena Dunham (“Is it because I’m chubby?”), in the way her ‘Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah’ character exudes an affected, entitled naiveté similar to Hannah, Dunham’s character on Girls. But like Dunham, Kahnweiler is giving legitimacy to the questioning and the curiosity of this 20-something (Jewish) woman, positing that there is something real and important about those struggles, no matter how trivial and self-absorbed they may seem.

“She certainly opened up the door on some level,” Kahnweiler told me. “It was like well, ‘It’s going to be my journey and my story and yeah, I have hair on my chest and love handles, but why shouldn’t I be in it?”



Read full article HERE

write up in ZEEK magazine presented by The Forward

justjewit-51a13059Jessie: For me it’s all coming from a natural/authentic place because the journey was so personal. I was treading in such unfamiliar territory I had to just give up any sense of what the finished product was going to be, which is maddening because I knew I had to deliver a finished product at the end of the two years. Insert corny moment: making art is like falling in love, the second you try to define/label it, it turns to sh-t. So I just tried to give into the process, get dirty, make an ass of myself, and know that something greater than me was piecing it all together.


As far as the comedy factor, I’m never going for the joke. I am 100% genuine in my curiosity about learning (trying to learn) about what it means to be Jewish. Of course comedic moments rise from it because any kind of struggle has comedic moments to it, but I’m not trying to make you laugh. Honestly, life is funny enough without the punch lines. During production I was constantly channeling the rich history we as Jews have at poking fun at ourselves, finding the absurdity in the human condition and most of all laughing through the tears. I’m so proud to come from this culture that supports my desire to seek, question, challenge. I’m standing on the shoulders of hilarious giants full of chutzpah.

Read full article HERE

“Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah?” in the HUFFINGTON POST!

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 10.54.43 PM

Mainly, though, it’s Jessie Kahnweiler who shines through. She has such an outgoing personality that it’s hard not to enjoy the ride with her. The character she’s crafted (and despite the similarity in names, it is a character. We’ve met — her grandfather and my dad are long-time friends — and though she’s definitely outgoing, she’s also far more lowkey, thoughtful and surprisingly shy) is sort of a cross between Sarah Silverman and Zooey Deschanel — annoyingly likeable. But it’s all Jessie. Adding to the charm is that she clearly has no qualms about humiliating herself, and coming across the goofball, because ultimately the jokes are almost all on her.

More than just her personality and acting, though, what leaps out is how talented she is, all around. Even when everything doesn’t work and needs a bit of reining in, it’s clear that you’re watching someone with her hand on her craft at a young age, who has a strong future. And I do suspect she has a future, because pulling this off, on all those levels, is no easy trick, for anyone, let alone a young woman in Hollywood. Pulling this off, on all these levels — just raising the money, alone, never mind wearing all the hats — suggests that Jessie Kahnweiler is not someone who takes, “No. Get out of my office. Guards, throw her out,” for an answer. And in the end, the webseries is quite well-directed, entertainingly written and richly-produced for such a small budget, and she’s a hoot on screen.


dude wheres my chutzpah
I had an interesting thought while watching the full webseries. At times I found myself curious to see what subtleties of performance an established director could bring out of her. But then I think that this is someone who has a deeply strong sense of self, in what she does, what she wants to do, and how to bring that out, in somewhat the way Woody Allen in his early films knew what worked best for the character of Woody Allen. I’m not making an artistic comparison, that wouldn’t be fair. But there is a connection in the process. And ultimately, it’s that future that I more look forward to seeing — an artist who has a clear idea of what she wants to do, and why, rather than wedged into someone else’s view. Both can be wonderful. But Ms. Kahnweiler’s view at the moment seems the most interesting to anticipate.

Read full article HERE

“Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah?” World Premiere!

Downtown Independent has never had so much Chutzpah…Dude. We packed the house! Thank you for coming out especially the woman who yelled at me during the Q & A…I’m comin’ out swingin’. The world is in need of some chutzpah are YOU ready?

  chutzpah 044_MG_8087 chutzpah 047_MG_8129  chutzpah 049_MG_8158 chutzpah 052_MG_8204 chutzpah 054_MG_8238 chutzpah 057_MG_8250 chutzpah 090_MG_5736  chutzpah 097_MG_5759 chutzpah 101_MG_8450 chutzpah 107_MG_8532 chutzpah 110_MG_8546 chutzpah 115_MG_8568 chutzpah 119_MG_8642 chutzpah 121_MG_8656 chutzpah 122_MG_8658 chutzpah 126_MG_8673 chutzpah 127_MG_8679 chutzpah 129_MG_8688 chutzpah 130_MG_8695 chutzpah 134_MG_8705 chutzpah 135_MG_8711 chutzpah 140_MG_8766 chutzpah 142_MG_8783 chutzpah 144_MG_8793 Chutzpah Premier LA002 Chutzpah Premier LA004 Chutzpah Premier LA014 Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.59.00 AM

WE made my Grandma Ruth proud.

chutzpah 048_MG_8139

“You got a little Chutzpah in your teeth.”


Oh my GOY!

Wanna rock it Chutzpah style? Share the episodes with your friends and receive a free “Eat me I’m Kosher” T-shirt. While you’re at it sign up for the official “Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah?” Newsletter HERE!!!!! What’s more Kosher than this?


Getting pumped for our debut?!


3 bagels away for our world premiere people!!!!

I’ve been on the phone with your mother non stop, she can’t wait for you to send it to her!

Photo on 5-21-13 at 8.41 AM #2

Already hard at work on Season 2…..



Better get back to my research….


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 8.09.26 AM


“Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah?” T-shirts make YOU look thin.



Want your very own “Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah?” original Pickle T shirt just like Jessie wears in the series? Duh!!! This yummy American Apparel T is YOURS. How? Just Tweet me to find out how! @shegotchutzpah.

247126_10151384736245723_925443767_n copy


the best night EVER forever

I’m speaking of course about the world premiere !!!!! I’m going to try and fit back into my dress from MODERN VINTAGE TODAY and relive this evening all over again. Thank you all for coming and making the evening beyond a dream come true.  More pics soon! Check out my dates for the evenings (my Jewfro and Mr. Albert Rosa!)   photo (9)


Major props to THE DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENT for making everything look and sound amazing, The Reuben Truck for giving me the best corn beef breath, and YALA, The Jewish Federation, JCC WithoutWalls, and The 6 Points Fellowship for the unconditional support!!!!


This article in THE TIMES OF ISRAEL is dripping in CHUTZPAH. Check out full article HERE. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 10.59.25 AM

Grand Theft Audio….totally kosher

Had a blast this morning on The Titans of Radio GRAND THEFT AUDIO SHOW.  Tune is as I pretend that I don’t have an Okcupid Profile, dish on some behind the scenes chutzpahness, talk about the the sequel in the works, and pretend to know all the sports references mentioned. They even brought me some Danish bc they heard somewhere that Jews “were into Danish”…  Does being on the radio make me look skinny?   Catch the full interview HERE  (I start blabbing around 1:15)

CHUTZPAH Ah HA!—> Where did I say Holocaust Survivor Albert Rosa was from?  TWEET me the answer and get a free “Eat me I’m kosher T shirt!” @shegotchutzpah


KBKradio-titans (1)

“Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah?” on LA Talk Radio

I had a blast on  THE STORY with ANDY STEINHAUSER! From growing up in  Atlanta to gaining the freshman 15 at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies and every bad outfit in between. You can’t go home again but you can laugh your ass off talking about it. Check out the full interview HERE!!!10 bagels to the first person who can tell me WHY my left boob looks so much bigger….

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.48.23 PM





Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 3.48.23 PM

I’m already at the theater waiting for JEW!!!

So beyond thrilled to premiere DWMC at the one and only DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENT THEATER !!!! Seems like only yesterday I was trying to forget making out with the programmer at the Southern Maryland Asian Pacific Noir Film Festival on the awesome rooftop deck… I’m already at the theater waiting for you! I know I need a life but this is going to be the best night ever forever.

Don’t forget to RSVP @ dudewheresmychutzpahrsvp@gmail.com





Kosher Love

It’s so funny how trouble finds you when you’re on your hands and knees begging for it.

#1) The Hebrew Warrior

Beyond-Kosher While in Jerusalem, I try to get infamous self-proclaimed Hebrew warrior to be in my  documentary about discovering Judaism in order to break stereotype of nebbish image Woody Allen Jew.  After a series of texts (yes, even warriors text) he invites me to watch him teach a class, though I’m told to leave my nunchucks at home as women are not allowed to fight with men (for fear our uterus’s may fracture). I walk into the dusty basement and there his is: fierce, strong, kind of like a Kosher Mr. Clean expect for the whole clean part. He speaks straight out of the Old Testament especially when he offers me some of his “herbal tea” drink  pouring it down my throat before I even have time to decide wether I want it or not.  He rocks sandals and wears a bed sheet and not in a crazy person on Hollywood Blvd kind of way. In a crazy person in Jerusalem kind of way.  He’ll totally help get me enlightened on camera before I have to meet my roommate for karaoke at the western wall.

Later that night, we make plans to meet up and I put on the one shirt I have left without pit stains and make sure my camera is fully charged. Around Midnight, my warrior picks me up in a cab with a one eyed  driver (though I’m not really sure which eye was missing). 3 cell phones rest atop his hand woven skirt and he screams in Hebrew into his Bluetooth (I’m pretty sure he’s saying “I’m with this filmmaker who bears a striking resemblance to Selma Hayek).  He continues fielding calls while motioning for the driver to pull over in this abandoned park outside of the old city.  We share a bench and some more “holy” tea as he explains that in order to be in the movie I have to “hold his Shabbos candle.”  He promises one night with him and I will no longer be waiting for the Messiah to come. I race back into the taxi and pray to the patron saint of lesbian to save me. He follows me into the cab demanding to know how I can be so selfish to disobey him aka G-d’s plan and also if I’ll split the cab fare…..

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what to do when a stranger grabs your butt

Need to brush up on your chutzpah? No problem! Go to an NYC street (or any street really) rock those new leggings that make you look like you do Pilates  and wait for the putz who didn’t get hugged enough as a child to appear…

It’s not always easy to break out your chutzpah but when life gives you lemons, tell that perverted lemon who’s boss!



YouTube Preview Image

“Hey Sister” you got Chutzpah…

I was strolling the streets of NYC this morning looking for my CHUTZPAH when the coolest thing that’s ever happened…happened to ME. I’m so used to being mistaken for  Selma Hayek, it’s really nice when the universe changes it up.


YouTube Preview Image

You. A blog from Shareen’s Vintage

So honored to be featured in the You. blog by the one and only Shareen of Shareen’s vintage fame. We got so many one of kind pieces for the web series there. Her clothes are like that perfect boyfriend, they just hug you in all the right places (and even leave room for that Red Velvet Cupcake your soul calls for). There’s no place I’d rather get buck naked in front of strangers knee deep in taffeta. I love you Shareen!

naked in frontScreen Shot 2013-04-26 at 10.03.21 PM



Leave it on the Bus….

So it finally happened. My dreams pulled a quick one on me and all of a sudden I found myself sitting across from Mel Brooks! In our hour together  he imparted  me with meaningful deep life lessons, taught me the golden rules of comedy, and even gave me dating advice. (Always date drummers NEVER date guitar players)

I kinda OD’ed  on too much awesomeness but one thing I’ll never forget, when asking Mr. Brooks how he got through all the rejection, pain, agony, fear, and overall “AH!!!” of trying to live a life guided by your dreams, he chuckled and quickly fired back:

“Nevermind! Just leave all of that on the bus and keep on going”

As our meeting came to a close  Mel  showed me to the door and commented that I was “easy”. Unsure if this was a good thing or not (like Trader Joes pre-made dinner “easy”  OR Rizzo from Grease ”easy”?) I decided to just ask him.

“I mean you’re easy to talk to…I thought I was going to have to fake a stomach ache after the first ten minutes”

Keeping THAT one on the bus for at least 2,000 years.


photo (8)



Chutzpah gets it’s Color Correction on!

Here are some snaps from todays amazing color session with the fellahs @ pre historic digital  Thanks for your genius skillz and all the  seltzer water.  Chutzpah never looked soooo fine!!!


photo (7) photo (6)



Come check out my new pilot!!!



“Dude, Where’s My Mikvah?”

Dude…what’s A Mikvah?

YouTube Preview Image

Big props Chava Tombosky!

LAdies Interview!

I don’t know how I tricked Nami M. Scott into being my Bff. I must’ve saved some blind orphans from a fire in a past life or something. She struts, blogs, writes, animates, cuts hair, makes you seltzer and listens while all your problems melt away. Twas an honor to be interviewed for her amazing website Nami M. Scott Life Enthusiast  I’m really kvelling now…

YouTube Preview Image


Nami and I star in our own sitcom “JAPS”

Will and Sean Podcast

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 7.29.49 PM

Episode 43 is up! Jessie Kahnweiler, the mind behind the new web series DUDE WHERE’S MY CHUTZPAH? tells the boys all about it. She then sticks around to discuss Liz & Dick, Judd Apatow and Mitt Romney’s love of Twilight. Remember to download, subscribe and rate at the iTunes store.

Jewlicious Up Close and Personal

YouTube Preview Image

Kosher Karma

Check out this video I made for Beth the Arc at their Oscar Party!

My Israeli Boyfriend

Don’t worry mom, I’ve finally met a nice Jewish boy. He can really shake his hips (even if they’re not his real one)

YouTube Preview Image

Love me some “Jewcer”

YouTube Preview Image

Awesome JSpace Interview!

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 6.48.31 PM

Great to chat with my friends at Jspace. Loved chatting so much I almost missed my flight to Israel.

Check out the interview here

Thanks for the love Jspace!


Cultureshuk write up

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 6.41.45 PM